Gathering 2015 a Great Success

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Spring Clean Up Event

Ladies Night Out: Humbug

Thanks to our supporters and volunteers, the Friends of Humbug Gathering in 2015 was a tremendous success!


We enjoyed the company of our wide array of local and not-so-local contributors, who traveled from near and far to be with the group. We especially recognize Reina Rogers, Maidu Summit Consortium & Conservancy Board member and long-time contributor, for the excellent job she did coordinating and managing the event. We also wish to thank Mr. and Mrs. Grayson and Carol Sorrels for their contributions as camp cooks.

Many volunteered their time on this wonderful day in the Valley, including our performers and presenters; Hum Ku (Maidu drum circle), Leslie Mink (violinist), Antonio Flores (Maidu Jalulu flute player), and Ted Dawson (local Native culture interpretor)


We successfully raised around $600 for the Friends of Humbug program based on contributions from the event. This is wonderful news as we begin looking toward next years Gathering.


We look forward to seeing everyone out in the Valley again next year!

MSC submits project concepts for the UFR IRWM Plan

Maidu Summit Consortium & Conservancy has recently submitted their project information forms to the Upper Feather River Regional Watershed Management Group for the four projects they are designing. This team is tasked with considering the viability of projects being considered for the Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan for the Upper Feather River.

The Maidu Summit Consortium & Conservancy have its Memorandum of Understanding executed with the group, now allowing it to apply for project work through the IRWM planning process.

Furthermore, it is our hope that the four projects we submitted will be selected, as they represent critical work for the sake of public safety and resource sustainability.

MSC and its volunteers clean up at Humbug Valley


On Saturday, May 30th, members of the Board and its staff gathered together with Friends of Humbug Valley, out on the land we all love. We were all there to enjoy its beauty and to clean up any trash or debris that had blown in over the winter. We enjoyed a big potluck lunch and great company. We managed to remove two pickup loads of trash in all. Not a bad day's work... and what fun! To join us in the future, watch our events page for dates and information.


MSC Board and Staff gather with volunteers to do their Spring Clean-Up at Humbug Valley. Dated May 30th, 2015. Copyright 2015 Kenneth Holbrook

Sierra Institute’s Center of Forestry Outdoor Educational Tours

is excited to announce the return of:


Girls Night Out

in Humbug Valley


August 28-29, 2015


Join Beverly Ogle, a Maidu historian and author, and other members of the Maidu Summit Consortium & Conservancy for a unique and informative two-day tour in Humbug Valley! You will learn about the history of the area and its importance to the Mountain Maidu on this overnight camping event.


Visit Maidu and other historical sites, including Soda Springs, grinding holes, historical pioneer sites, and the Big Springs worship area.

Participate in a drumming circle, tell stories, star gaze, and enjoy the scenery of this sacred valley.


Cost is $50 per person

Food and beverages are provided

Camping will be at Yellow Creek Campground

Call Sierra Institute to register: 530.284.1022

Visit our website for more details:


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