Land Management

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This Land Management Plan proposal and working document for areas of Pacific Gas and Electric Company lands now under the jurisdiction of the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council has been prepared on behalf of and in collaboration with the Maidu Summit Consortium. The Maidu Summit Consortium is made up of various area Maidu tribes, non-profit organizations, and other groups.

The information and ideas contained in the following pages have been assembled during group Summit meetings and through meetings with individual members of the local community, as well as with various other groups and organizations.

The formatting and categories have been chosen in the hope that they will allow for maximum information conveyance. None-the-less, in reading this document, please note that the Summit views this document as a plan-in-progress. This is intended to be a starting point and specific acreage numbers are not yet indicated. In the spirit of empowerment and mutual respect we have striven to demonstrate a genuine sense of cultural strength and willingness to grow. We have attempted to make this a document that demonstrates an integration of cultural styles. Narrative formats have been used in order to maintain the Maidu style of information conveyance, while in other places the style is a standard report format.

The lands discussed in this document are all located within Plumas County, California and, as such, are all part of the Maidu homeland. These lands, once owned by the Maidu, eventually came under the ownership of the United States of America and, through various processes, eventually, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. However, throughout time and regardless of deed ownership these lands have continued to be important to the Maidu and now that these lands are under the jurisdiction of the Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council and subject to a change in ownership, the Maidu Summit Consortium knows that it is time to return these lands to Maidu ownership. Maidu ownership of these lands will allow Maidu to become an integral part of Maidu cultural perpetuation as well as a place where an empowered Maidu community can add to overall land management practice and methodology while also accessing essential natural resources.

View the lands as a vast and integrated educational opportunity and a sort of experiment in social justice – a park dedicated to education and healing.

Click here for PDF version of the entire Plan