Help us save a Treasure! Humbug Valley

The Maidu Summit Consortium welcomes you to become a Friend of Humbug Valley. This is a developing membership whose purpose is to protect Humbug Valley and to become the rightful stewards of the land.

We envision having a Maidu Cultural outdoor summer area with ongoing cultural and ecological programs throughout summer months, offering affordable seminars in traditonal Maidu skills and knowledge.  Teachings in basketry, herpology with nature trails, flint napping, cooking, dance, songs, Maidu story telling, drumming and histories of our people.  All led by members of the Maidu Tribe.  These programs will be open to all members.

In establishing this Maidu Cultural Summer State, our Maidu heritage can be proudly celebrated.

  1. This will be a method for preserving our rapidly dissolving knowledge of  ”the old ways” of living.
  2. Foster inter-generational learning by establishing regularly scheduled elder gatherings organized and facilitated by local Maidu youth.
  3. In this way, joining the membership of “Friends of Hum-Bug Valley” we are contributing to the current renaissance in Maidu Country among it’s Native Tribes.
  4. We shall pursue these objective through our guiding principals of Knowledge, Vision and Compassion

Tasmam Koyom - Sacred Maidu Valley

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2 Responses to “Help us save a Treasure! Humbug Valley”

  1. even though the summer of fire,several years back, while working in this amazing place, i will never forget the sincere efforts of ms.ogle to protect this valley for the children. tim green

  2. Ms. Ogle will be talking about the Maidu history in Humbug Valley on August 17th/18th, 2012 on the Girls’ Night Out in Humbug Valley when we camp over in Yellow Creek. She’ll be sharing what the consortium has planned for the land, along with sharing stories and histories of the land. You can call me at 530.284.1022 to learn more…we’re very excited about this event!

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